Help Stop Violence Before It Starts

Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services strives to break the cycle of violence.


Wings of Hope wants to stop violence before it starts by educating the community on ways we can prevent violence within our relationships as well as be an active bystander.  

Our Prevention Program Coordinator regularly presents in the surrounding area to educate youth at all levels how they can play a huge part in breaking the cycle of violence and making our community safer.   

What's New

Are you a teacher, youth pastor, coach, or mentor? Are you preparing lessons for your students? Wings of Hope would love to be a part of your classroom or church. Our prevention program coordinator is available to supplement your curriculum and share important information about healthy relationships with your students.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

1 in 3 teens experience some kind of abuse in their dating relationship. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month! Local teens will be invited to participate in activities to educate themselves and their peers on the warning signs of dating violence, using social media wisely and safely, and more.

If your school or group wants to be involved in #TDVAM2017, call (405) 372-9922, and ask for our Program Coordinator. 


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

 #RespectfullyYours was our theme for Sexual Assault Awareness Month this year and included the call to respect and empower survivors of interpersonal violence.  We must work together to educate our community about sexual violence prevention by supporting survivors and speaking out against harmful attitudes and actions. Prevention is possible when everyone gets involved, and the first step is increasing education, awareness, and community involvement. It’s time for all of us to take action to create a safer environment for all.  Thank you to our Sexual Assault Awareness Team, staff and supporters for helping to promote awareness through education and making our community a safer place.  Thank you, also, to the businesses who participated in Denim Day! 

Support survivors by purchasing a #RespectfullyYours t-shirt!

Call 405-372-9922 and ask for a member of the SAAM team for more info.

Stay tuned for awareness and prevention events for April 2017!

Prevention Presentations

Hannah - Prevention
What is a Prevention Presentation?

Our prevention presentations are interactive, evidence-based and adapted to the ages and interests of the participants.


We cover: 

  • Healthy relationships & teen dating violence
  • Types of abuse & warning signs
  • Digital abuse &healthy technology use
  • Sexual assault prevention & consent
  • Bystander intervention strategies & how to help a friend
Who participates in presentations?

Our program is geared toward 10 to 24-year-olds.  We present at middle and high schools, colleges, student organizations, camps, teams, churches and community centers. Our prevention effort include class presentations, peer-led marketing campaigns and building a school environment that reflects a commitment to non-violence.  

why Educate teens and young adults?

1 in 3 teens experience some kind of abuse in their dating relationship*, and 1 in 10 Oklahoma students experienced sexual dating violence in the past year. We know that young people can be instrumental in breaking the cycle of violence if they are offered positive tools to make good choices in their relationships.  

We know no one can do everything, but we believe everyone can do something to prevent violence in our community.  

*Liz Claiborne Inc. and Family Violence Prevention Fund. "Teen Dating Abuse 2009 Key Topline Findings

Interested in Wings of Hope family crisis services Presenting to your School or group?

If you would like to request a prevention presentation or receive more information, call:

(405) 372 - 9922 and ask for our Prevention Program Coordinator, Hannah DiPasquale.

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